Forensic Accounting Pittsburgh, PA

Forensic Accounting

The term forensic refers to material that is used, or may be used in a court of law. A forensic lawyer may also be called a forensic auditor or forensic investigator. He may have to present evidence in a legal setting, or at a trial. Large accounting firms very often will have someone specializing in this area. Some forensic accountants may specialize in insurance claims, construction liability, fraud or cases where royalties are in dispute

The forensic accountant engaged in a civil suit, may have to calculate economic losses and damages that have been incurred through tort or contract dispute or breach or problems relating to acquisitions. He may also testify in negligence claims where another accountant’s work is being questioned. Another area is breach of warranty.

When fraud is the issue, criminal charges may ensue, and the question of validity of accounts may be paramount. When a crime has occurred, the matter of the proceeds of the crime, and/or money laundering, necessitates the employment of a forensic accountant.